Anna Cannes

It is on the prestigious Boulevard de la Croisette, in the city of the 7th art, that the Greek restaurant Anna has dropped anchor. When we think of Greece, images inevitably flash through our minds: travel memories, the sun, the perfect combination of deep blue and bright white, olives from the Kalamata region, the smell of freshly baked pita bread. from the oven… Anna, it’s all of these at once.

Let yourself be tempted by the classics of Hellenic cuisine and revisited recipes. Grilled fish, Tzatziki me pita, Hummus… Chef Yiannis Kioroglou creates a sunny and light menu tinged with references to his native Greece. Its famous sharing and light cuisine is available through tasty recipes enhanced by the use of different types of cooking in the oven, over embers or on the grill. Not to be missed are the Xtapodi sti sxara – the grilled octopus -, the famous Moussaka or the unmissable Choriatiki Salata, the traditional Greek salad.

Opening information
From Monday to Sunday
Lunch to Dinner