Le Pastis Cannes

By honoring this emblematic drink, Pastis honors the South. A region where the sunshine is king and where colors blend with flavors and smiles became a trading currency. Wooden tables, leather Chesterfield seats, traditional brass counter, ancient parquet floor, second hand posters… The magic muffled atmosphere reminds us the 30-year-post-war boom and the Prohibition period. Interior decor has been thought out for everyone to feel at home, at a real coffee counter. Roasted tuna with olive oil and basil, roasted farm chicken with truffle… Pastis cuisine is the one from the local market, fresh products only. From breakfast to dinner, espresso to glass of wine or an home-made dessert, Pastis offers the ideal setting for a tasty, delightful heart warming cuisine. Welcoming, delicious or authentic are recurring reviews. A refined cuisine that isn’t pretentious. More than a restaurant, Pastis is a place of rendez-vous.

Opening information
From Monday to Saturday
Breakfast to Dinner