Medusa Cannes

Taste, smell, hear, all senses awaken. A unique show, orchestrated by Italian company Nu’Art, with its artistic director Gabriele Rizzi. The Medusa Cabaret Restaurant, open since 2018 welcomes our clients for an out of the ordinary show and time. The cuisine is at the image of this temple, refined and generous, thought by the Greek Chef Yiannis Kioroglou. He imagines a fusion of delicate Nikkei, whose origins are from Japan and South America as well as the tasty and inventive Greek authentic cuisine. Mezze and spices meet to deliver a tasty and inventive cuisine, all in finesse. Aromas, scents and flavors are revealed and affirmed. The bar, masterly, attracts all eyes while all guests are amazed by the quality of artists and scenery presented on stage.

Opening information
From April to October